Important email server

Shalom from Mikael Gosen מיקאל חושן אפיקים,
Your email administrator ([email protected])

Since April 2022 (after the old email server was hacked and crashed) I did replace and upgrade our email server with my own private systems.

Especially security has been improved to the latest standards with modern encryption.

I do this voluntarily because the kibbutz has no funds available for this service.
Knowing how important your emails can be and having the abilities I came to rescue for your service.

My software is 100% ok, all legally licenced and properly secured, maintained, and backed up.

But unlucky my PC hardware crashed, and I had to fix it again from my own private budget.

May i ask from all of you; Do you want me to continue and improve online services in Afikim?

I can add more services, like VPN, having your own secure personal domain and website (like for example.

In order to be able to sustain my efforts to maintain and improve my internet services I would like to know if you are willing to support me if you can or want.

My services have always been free for you, but I did run out of budget and cannot afford to continue investing on account of myself and my family anymore.

Who is willing to support me with the cost? Maybe and old PC?
It does not have to be much to keep on running this service.
Perhaps a single donation or only a few NIS per month for email services that are better than before?

Sorry I have to ask, but I do this for your service.
What are you thoughts? Any better ideas, solutions or wishes?
Without your help those services will cease to exist.

At your service…

Please write (in Hebrew as well) to [email protected] for feedback.

Mikael Gosen
מיקאל חושן